Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Ying Gao

This collection of interactive fashion is from the fashion designer and university professor Ying Gao is known for her fashion that involves movement and interaction with the environment. Ying Gao has created dresses that combine fashion with microelectronic technology. This is technology which allows her garments to move and change with the environment.  Parts of her garments expand and contract as they respond to their environment like light, movement, wind or touch. The idea of them moving in the light and or if something is moving is amazing to me and relates to my project with the idea of metamorphosis.  As these garments change, adapt and move due to the environment just like insect who go through metamorphosis like butterflies, frogs /toads, grass hopper and many more. So her garments have really inspired to hoe metamorphosis can relate to fashion and create beautiful natural garments.

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