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Metomorphosis in my eyes..

Metamorphosis of insects, and amphibians:  Metamorphosis is most popularly known as a biological process which an animal physically transforms and develops after birth into a new form. When most animals, insects, amphibians, molluscs, crustaceans go through metamorphosis they usually change here habitat, behavior and character.
Metamorphosis of a city/area/country/environment:  I Think  metamorphosis can happen to and area or city as for example Birmingham years ago is completely different to how it is now as it has gone through so much change and develop.  Building have developed into more sculptural modern designs and the old traditional building like the rotunda have been transformed into new apartments and given a new modern feel. Also the people living in Birmingham has change and expanded giving Birmingham a new multicultural society which is a huge transformation from years ago.
Other cities I can think of which have been through a dramatic change are:
·         America/New York (Twin towers and how after a disaster the city have rebuilt and reborn its self to a new lively state)
·         Hamburg (The British bombing Hamburg and how they have rebuilt he city) 
·         San Francisco ( The great 1906 earth quake which destroyed san Francisco and how they have rebuilt the city and improved the city by making every more safe and secure in a earthquake)
·         Japan (The horrible 2004 tsunami on Boxing Day and how the country is still developing and transforming to this day.
·        Japan (T he atomic bomb in Hiroshima and how it flatternd the country and left nothing, but the country rebuilt its self from the complete mess the country was in.
Metamorphosis of the human body: The human body can be change and developed a lot naturally or with the help of surgery or pills:
·         Body Builders - Body builders change there shape, form and structure by increasing the muscle in there body which slowly develops there body into a muscle machine which is a sever transformation from the natural human body.
·         Plastic surgery – This is a Modern way of changing, adapting and re-sculpting the human body through surgical operations which people pay for to change there body to any way they wish for.  Things you can do now to change your body are: full face lift, more defined check bones, eye lid sagging skin taken of, larger breast, liposuction (removing he fat in the body) and many more.....
·         Transplants – This is a way of metamorphosis as and old dyeing or new organ which doesn’t work in the body can be completely changed and the human can be given a brand new organ. Now we can carry out amazing operations which can help transform peoples lives how have been through horrific accidents or experiences. For example the women who had her face ripped of by a chimpanzee has had a full face transplant which has completely transformed her life and given her a new life which is a clear metamorphosis.
·        New cells – Approximately every 7 years the cells in the human body completely renew there self’s and we have a brand new body inside. So the cells in the body go through a transformation which changes there appearance, form and structure to create something new.

Metamorphic creature – magical transformation/ Mythical creatures:  I think Mythical creatures are magical transformations from the creature’s natural form.  Mythical creatures have come from folk laws, old stories and from being the explanation when something happens. For example if a bridge had fallen people would say a giant trod on to letting there imagination take control. Also many mythical creatures came the human mind going wild and then these creatures being apart of many cultures around the world. The fact that these creatures have been made up and transformed by people in there heads allows these mythical creatures to look like anything due to the persons imagination. Many of the creatures abnormally have 4 arms, half human body half horse, or extra wings or magical power like turning everything they see into gold, stone forever.  These creatures to me are magical transformations as compared to a normal human being and a normal horse a half horse half man is a clear change of structure and form in a magical way.
Famous Mythical creatures:
·         The Ahuizotl originates from Central America; it is a creature that's half human half monkey, with a hand at the end of the tail. The Ahuizotl was actually a creature that lived in the water; it snatched people who got too close to the water’s edge, or sometimes attacked fishermen on their boats. The Ahuizotl was a much-feared creature due to its fondness of eating human flesh.
·         The Humbata comes from Sumerian Epic, where Gilgamesh encounters this creature. The Humbata has the head and horns of a bull and the paws and the body of a lion and the talons of a vulture.
Metamorphosis of fashion: Fashion to me is a clear metamorphosis as it is constantly changing and transforming...
“"Beautiful designs take flight on the runway, revealing the incredible transformative power of fashion and the constant evolution of design”
Fashion changes from month to month and is always transforming from one trend to the next changing the clothes of everyone who follows fashion. Fashion has changed so much through out the years as fashion has changed the way people live there lives as people follow fashion like a religion. Fashion trends can change from day to day but old trends from the past come back from years and years ago but with a new modern twist. For example flared trousers in the 70’s have come back into fashion but to give it a new modern appearance we change the material, pockets to give it a new twist. Which is changing the shape, form and appearance of the garment which is metamorphosis.  Also the fact fashion trends are always changing and developing to create new fresh ideas shows metamorphosis.
Also fashion creates icon and these icons change through out the years like twiggy in the 1960’s, Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn to... Kate moss, Lady GaGa, Alexa Chung.
Metamorphosis of Technology:  Technology has changed so much through out the years from not ever having anything electrical to having 3D televisions and robots.
Technology has changed so much and very quickly so this to me can be translated as a metamorphosis …
Main things I can thing of that have changed hugely through time…
·         Televisions - from black and white too 3D!
·         House phones – from the old circular dial to now small phones which you can move around while taking.
·         Mobile Phone – from large ‘brick’ shapes phones to pocket size touch screen extremely technology full phones.
·         Computers – from large bulky screens to slim, fast, great graphics and some are small enough for your handbag. Computers have changed so much I proving on there memory, speed, graphics and appearance making them look more stylish than the old huge machines…
·         Robots- Robots are a huge leap in technology as now you can get ones to help you cook, clean and answer to your instructions this years ago would have been dismissed as an impossible idea but now we have robots and I’m sure the idea of mechanical helpers will grow and grow…
Metamorphosis of Regeneration:  Regeneration is a process where animals, reptiles, insects and humans can reform and re-grow part of there body which has broken off due to damage or some insects like lizards make there tails drop off as a defence mechanism so the attacker keeps the tails while they run off as a safety feature.  This re-growth to me is a form of metamorphosis as the animal, insect, reptile is re-growing changing and re-forming a new body part, which means they have rebuilt and produced a new pat which may be different in appearance and structure but is still the same body part. This process of rebuilding your body to me is a magical process as I find it extraordinary.
  The human body can regenerate but only with certain organs:
·         Fingers - We as humans can actually regenerate our fingers. This has been proven in many cases a famous one being in 2005 when a man called Lee Spievack chopped the top of his finger off and his brother being a doctor gave him some powdered extracellular matrix which was developed by his brother. Lee covered his finger in this powder and in four weeks it had fully grown back.
·        Ribs – We can regenerate the membrane surrounding the ribs
·     Liver – The liver can re form from only having 25% of the tissue remaining.
·     Kidney - The regeneration of this is limited but can still be done but other vertebrates like fish it can regenerate fully.

Metamorphosis of the ageing body:  From when humans are born to when humans get old and age the body goes through so much transformation. The shape, form and appearance of the human changes which to me is a clear metamorphosis. From when you are a body and the change you go to to become an infant is huge, then the change your body goes through  when you  turn into and adult is the most your body changes as you start to form you adult shape. Also going through puberty changes your insides like your hormones adapt to your new body creating a difference in the character in the human as there adjusting to there newly change hormones. Then you live you adult life always changing shape and form then you start to age when you body shrinks, your skin sags and changes appearance and loses its tight form. Your organs inside are slowly changing and weakening with your bones and muscles which changes the structure of your body making you more weak and venerable. So the stages of a humans life if full of transformations, changes, difference in appearance and change in form so I think it’s a clear metamorphosis.

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