Sunday, 13 November 2011

final design and technical drawing....

This is my final design. I have chosen this design as I thought the concept behind the dress was the strongest. My concept for this project was looking at magical transformations and looking at the relation between people with extreme body condition and how some are seen as magical gods and some are see as ‘freaks’ and not ‘normal’. I want to change people’s perception of normal where it just seems to cover people with a perfect image and expand it to include the person underneath. When I was researching into extreme body conditions the most occurring phrase I read was ‘I just want to be seen as normal’ this was the phrase that inspired the design of my garment. So to show this in my design I am going to make what is seen as a ‘normal’ blouse pattern a ‘normal’ skirt pattern then by applying my textile techniques which represent the extreme body conditions, magically transform from the normal patterns into something beautiful, more interesting than just a ordinary normal pattern so completing it’s metamorphosis. 

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